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Thread: old internet??

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    old internet??

    i have an old comp and i was wondering if i could still get to a hyper terminal from an old modem?

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    what do you mean by old, how old 386, 486?? - what OS are you running and how old is the modem/ what model is it?

    You'd still be using TCP so I can't see a problem.

    You mention hyperterminal - I take it you know thats an old windows program - is this what your trying to use to connect?
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    it is a comp that ifound at the dump it is running win 3.11 and thats all i know

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    Windows 3.11 is "Windows for Workgroups", if it is anything like stuff of that age that I have/have seen, it probably has some sort of multi connector network card in it, rather than a modem?

    It was probably connected to a Novell network, which were all the rage around then.

    1.Does the card look like a regular modem?
    2. What expansion slots are available in it PCI? or ISA?

    What are the other specs (RAM, processor etc)?

    You need to be a bit careful, as modern 56.6 PCI modems tend to expect a Pentium processor, and won't work otherwise.

    I don't know about where you are, but my ADSL will only accept a PII and needs USB connection. Obviously Win3.11 will not support USB, and your machine may not be up to Win98?

    Just a few thoughts to be going on with

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    ok - well first thing would be to get a good idea of what hardware the computer is using - I'm not sure if any software (like Belarc advisor) exists for win3.11 that would tell you what hardware you have, so you may have to open up the box and id the hardware the old way i.e. by looking for manufacturer labels and model numbers etc.

    next you need to know if the hardware is actually working ok - if hardware isn't working this may the reason why you found it in the dump. Terminal (hyperterminal is the win9x version) should tell you if the modem is working - look here for some ideas

    trumpet winsock thats mentioned on those boards can be found here (have a look round the site you might find some other useful stuff)

    once you got that lot set up you 'might' be good to go

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    thanks i will see what i have in the box and check back tomorow

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