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Thread: windows media player

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    windows media player

    ok i have a strange problem, i was messing with codecs etc.. for all of my dbz episodes and one day windows media player stops working. i cant fix it, ive tryed re-installing it and i cant uninstall it cuz its xp but anyways its also messing up any video links online cuz most run through windows media player. i cant fix it. any advice.(besides wiping)
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    Tried using Spy Bot Search And Destroy, i believe it's got a function were you can delete those hard to remove programs.
    Maybe give that a try, or maybe just re-formatting might be the only option.

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    Its possible that your codec(s) got corrupt.

    Removing the Default Codecs
    To remove the default codecs, follow these steps:
    In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.
    On the Windows Setup tab, click Multimedia, and then click Details.
    Click the Audio Compression and Video Compression check boxes to clear them, and then click OK.
    Click OK.;EN-US;142731

    Try that. Remove the codecs and then try to play something. The media player will look for a new codec and download/install it (I think.)

    If not, then follow the instructions in the link above to reinstall the codecs.

    BTW: Which version of WMP?

    XP comes with 8, but you can download 9...

    If you remember which audio codec it was that you were messing around with... then manually remove it.

    I've attached a pic of how to get to them.

    control panel, sounds/audio, hardware, audio codecs
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    Here is a nice lame last resort solution:

    Go to the last restore point where it worked.

    If you think about it, that is really what restore points are for? When I "mess about" I always manually set a restore point just in case. It sometimes works, depending on just what it is that I have screwed up.

    Just a thought

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