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Thread: Zone Alarm has a new malware/cookie scanner

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    Zone Alarm has a new malware/cookie scanner

    Scanner found here.
    Zone Labs Security Scanner

    Scan for a range of Internet tracking devices...and delete them.

    Simply surfing the Internet exposes your browsing habits to others. Files can be placed on your computer to track your activity online and report back to questionable parties. These tracking devices are unwanted files that invade your Internet privacy.

    These unwanted files, also referred to as "cookies", can facilitate or perform the following types of actions:

    * Profile your online behavior
    * Track Web sites you visit
    * Trigger targeted pop-up ads
    * Record search terms and form entries

    The Zone Labs Security Scanner quickly informs you of the presence of these unwanted files. There is no limit to the number of scans you can perform.
    It is a free service, but to get full function from it you must have ZoneAlarm Pro installed. If you don't then you must manually delete some of the cookies found. This service seems to target third party cookies.

    When the scanner is used in conjunction with ZoneAlarmŽ Pro, Intelligent Cookie Removal deletes third party cookies that are used to track your Web surfing, while leaving the cookies used to enhance your Web browsing experience. This protects your privacy and allows you the convenience and customization that cookies from trusted sites provide.

    Non-ZoneAlarm Pro users can manually delete the unwanted cookies by navigating to the Cookie folder on their PC, highlighting the unwanted file(s) and pressing the delete button.
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    Ya i got that ,but it would be great if it worked offline (looks fishy because if i did have a tracking cooky they could see it )

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