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Thread: Problem Deleteing a file

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    Problem Deleteing a file

    my brother downloaded a file (he is a little porn obsessed maniac) then i goto delete it it gives me and error the file name is con.HARDCORE SEX WITH myself XXX LOLITA QWERTY ddoggprn anal pussy penis suck dick vagina ******* orgy asia asian lesbo dildo

    and here is a screen cap of the error

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    Have you tried deleting it using command line? Go to Start--> Run and type cmd. Navigate to where the file is and delete it using the del command. Try wildcards if needed. So del con*.* might do the trick.
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    Here's a free program that may be of interest to you.


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    Just change the filename from

    "con.HARDCORE SEX WITH myself XXX LOLITA QWERTY ddoggprn anal pussy penis suck dick vagina ******* orgy asia asian lesbo dildo"

    to "con.HAR"

    Then delete normally. That should take care of it.

    From the error message, it looks like it's trying to read everything to the right of the period as a file extension (all 121 characters). Either that or the name is just too damned long (124 > 64) and it can't do anything with it.
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    I'm worried thats the least of his problems...

    Those icons are in his "Recent" Folder which do not take much space. The problem is to stop your brother from visiting those websites and avoid future problems (Lolita = childporn, ddoggprn = incest and childporn = Illegal Content).

    Check your temp files and Temporary Internet Files. Also make sure no Dialers are downloaded. It looks like you're using windows 98. Go to folder options and make sure it views all files and folders. In your windows directory there's a folder called "Recent" which is usually hidden. Open that folder and delete all the content in it. But you have to make sure there's no other crap in your computer which will cause it to come back. You should defenitely run an AV, Spybot, TheCleaner and AdAware. Reformating could also be an option.

    Also....lock the box up so your brother stops visiting those websites...and explain to him the consenquences of viewing that content at his age. If he doesn't stop...i'd be seriously worried down the line about his behaviour.

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    If you are running Windows 9x you can try to boot into safe mode and use the old 16 bit utility "Winfile"................just run winfile.exe........................that frequently lets you get at things Explorer will not.

    I would also suggest that you get :

    1. SpyBot Search & Destroy
    2. AdAware
    3. CWShredder
    4. Anti Virus
    5. Firewall
    6. Child access control software

    Make sure that you update the first two and run the first three in SAFE MODE

    Then go to the Trend Micro site and run their "Housecall" online scanner

    Then go buy a baseball bat? ...................just kidding

    Is this your machine or one that is jointly owned............are you living with your parents/guardians?

    I do not think that he can actually access stuff that is truly "illegal" as we usually catch them through their credit cards, and I assume that he has not got one of those?...........might have stolen the details from Daddy's though?................Daddy would not be happy?

    If he were my Bro. I guess I would not be cleaning my sports gear for some time to come............not that I condone blackmail

    Tell him that you have installed a hidden keylogger, and will show the results to Dad if he fools around again?

    That might help you?

    Best of luck!

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    You have got winmx running in the background there think. If the file you are trying to delete was download via winmx, the chances are that it is also being uploaded so it will be in use and therefor you will not be able to delete it. Shut down winmx and try again.

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