Greetings all. In case you missed it, here are AO's latest contributions to EIT:

AntiOnline Spotlight: Gone Phishing
Best Buy, Symantec, Citibank, eBay... What do these companies have in common? Scammers are banking on their good name to trick users into coughing up valuable information. Protect yourself and your staff.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Securing Laptops
Unlike their deskbound cousins, portables regularly venture outside of the safe confines of your network. You may not be able to control where they go, but you definitely have some say in what hitches a ride back with them.

...and, of course, MsMittens' latest:

Keeping an Eye on Secure Access: Iridian Iris Scan
By Lyne Bourque
Passwords, PINs, smart cards... If they are causing your company more problems than they solve, it may be time to upgrade to a technology that is virtually impossible to circumvent and your employees can't misplace. Lyne Bourque takes a look at Iridian's biometric security products.