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Thread: need help with spam

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    need help with spam

    Any antispam software suited for small isp.we are currently using for spam and virus protection but its not godd enough .any suggestion welcome.

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    For a small company I recomend the simple and free Spybot search and destroy, when your company gets bigger, then I would say to venture off in the more expensive software.

    Oops!! you said spam, lol, spybot is for spyware!! sorry about that, I would still recomend it though, it would help in your fight against spam as most spammers use spyware tactics.
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    I recomm. you to use SpamKiller from McAfee, I found it very good to protect small company system. You have to spend some money to get it, but u can try 30 days free trial.

    Actually there is alot of others antispam available in internet, just google a bit, look for antispam suggested by experts.


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    I would try spamassassin :

    t will allow you to rate spam and based on the 'score' either delete mails, add headers, change the subject etc.

    You will probably need to set up a *nix box to do the checking, but it should be fairly simple & best of all it's open source.

    If you want to offer your users a good service you could set them up with disposable addresses, see this tutorial:

    Yougenerate a 'random' email address that will forward to their account for a preiod of time (days/weeks etc) that they select and after that time mail bounces. They then can use this address for using on sites where they can't be certain that the site id okay.

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    Try not to have yourself (or everyone) signing up for things online. Ex. Signing up for a chance to win a plasma TV screen or Snickers Bar.

    I know people have said this before but........”the best remedy for spam is Abstinence”
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    link to the "symantec" site link you can try before you internet security is a very resourceful and helpful(sometimes too much help) software bundle includes norton AV 2004 pro as well (has been very useful to me since i tried them in earlier versions)
    you get a reduced price if u try before you buy it. i can never express this enough...i hope this helps someone.
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