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Thread: Anyone Identify this?

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    Anyone Identify this?

    Hey all, just curious if anyone can identify this:


    This is from some source from a webpage, and i am sure that some is URL octal (ie %25, etc.)

    If curious it is hidden form data that is being submitted...

    Thanks in advance.....
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    Its the encryption of something. We cannot decrypt it without having the right algorithm. Is there a Paypal icon on the website where u can send payments through?

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    and the source code for the rest of the page?

    sorry.. I'm not much good.. but for me.. the source for the page tells me more than the code itself.. could we bother you to doo that.. I would recommend that you zip it and attach it to your post.. just incase it is some malware

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    No there is not, this is actually from
    It is the data that is calling the Map. I know that in the address bar you can change the link to, but i am trying to not have a link, but have just the map.....and i need to be able to use this over 500+ sites...
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    To help clarify this is the HTML link with the encryted or scrambled data:

    <a href="/maps/map.adp?ovi=1&zoom=7&mapdata=3B%2f%2b2cuPYhjQtkWz3xgCtGqxtAgQJKM7U7NWk7u5nrnNKt%2fM4puXZY6yUti6uynL8CUNJwkkD%2foxrtGj5vqGihZstSV3jb6a2MPlEsColo8t4nMPdI79NmwfTiC2pGwV%2fQTsDE18mT64tI3ZflhfA6PoHT8ndjV6M%2fpUKZh%2fGylat4lWaXDD7J4W6fd1PwRaXnGit1PYYE%2fj%2frjwCD5UCg2Ye8yyZ%2b0VwrvaO%2fjs05cl28jcMLqFU43DzzfaKKX8JClXmMzoOIF6cYWXzqJ26khyAwpyOj0cUv%2bK50%2fAUog3k7zJjo6tKhZbx0LOzJta">

    This is a result of:

    Hope this helps.
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    A wild guess, but it looks almost like a PGP key? is it some way they are using to prevent people from "hot linking" to their maps and screwing their bandwidth?

    I had a look at their privacy policy...............hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Might get myself a copy of the latest "bugnosis" and see what they are up to..........they imply that they may/do use web bugs?

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    I am sure that is what it is in place for,

    unfortunately, Mapquest Sales doesn't have a solution that meets my needs, so this was just something that i was toying with...

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    Page encryption

    It doesn't look like PGP to me, or it would have PGP at the beginning and end of the algorithm. It looks to me like some form of page encryption used either by the server or software encryption used by the program itself to display map information and protect it from either copyright infringement or bandwidth theft by linking.

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    Re: Page encryption

    Three suggestions, one dealing with a possible solution, and the other two with what the data might be.

    A possible solution might be pulling the image out of your browser's cache...

    two possible suggestions as to what that data might be
    1) it may be an encoded message to their server giving the exact location of the map that needs to be pulled up

    2) it is the location of a temporary cache on their server that contains your map.

    i know my suggestions on what the data might be are kind of weak, but i do hope that my first suggestion helps you since that is what i did for a web page that i made for my dad's work.

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    it is most likely global coordinates, encoded in some form, not for security necessarily, but for identification, look how little the readable portion of the text tells you and consider how much information it must take to give an exact location on the planet. it would be easier to save the map as a pic and post it on the sites as an image.
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