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Thread: Netscreen ns-100a Help

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    Question Netscreen ns-100a Help

    Hey guys and gals,

    I was wondering if someone can help me please. I just bought a netscreen ns-100a for this guy which was a scammer..... anyways...he told me that the box is set to default>Of course the box is not and I can't get in. I os version is lower 2.01 so the serial number login in does not work. Some please advise or can help me on this issue. Thanks

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    I have already answered your question in your other thread on the same subject?

    The Model 100a with a software version of 1.64 cannot be circumvented. This was one of its security features? You have to send it back and pay the $150 they charge.

    Otherwise you can buy a new maintenance agreement and get the v2.6.1 software that allows you to reset the password by entering the serial number in the administrator and password boxes..........I don't know how much that will cost but "ain't cheap" would be a good estimate.

    I have noticed that during the warranty period you were allowed two free "strikes" when you could send it back and get it reset, then they would charge you. I guess that in all cases you pay shipping. Your machine is out of warranty/service agreement.

    I spent almost an hour on google looking at this...........and even by narrowing it down, there are a lot of people in the same position as yourself.

    If you don't have the password or it is not reset to factory defaults then it belongs in the dumpster.

    I noticed that no "crack" sites offered a I guess that it is pretty secure. Some kind of non-standard or hybrid encryption so it would take months to run a brute force against it...........even if you could figure out the algorithm.......I guess that is what you want in a physical firewall?

    My advice is accept the fact that you have been ripped off (and you are certainly not the only one)
    and try to get your money back. Or accept that you are going to have to pay the extra?

    If anyone has a better solution, I would be very interested as I see an easy way to make money from a spot of "dumpster diving"

    Just my thoughts

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