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    Yup yup yup...

    I went and checked out InterZ0ne today. Went to the hotel and first thing I saw where these big guys hauling in computers. Seems like everyone else was prepareing these really old boxes for battle I was on the other side of the hotel waiting for food to arrive... that took about a freaking hour or two! Gezz... that sucked. Need food! NOW!!!

    After I had eaten I walked into the halls infront of the lobbies. Everyone grabed thier laptops and waited. That was about another few minutes I guess. Anyways im the last guy in line and I have to pay 30$ plus I need to sign some **** to get in. I think you also needed ID but I never bothered with that. I just put in some random name down on the papers. The guy handing out papers was like ummmm do we need full names, he said to some other dude. And that other dude was like uhhhhh.... and im standing there mocking them both duhhhhhh. Gezz... The guy said **** that and just let me go through.

    Another guy says: All these peaple came and we still have food left... thats just wrong. Well I forgot to grab more papers and they yelled intil I grabed a copy of them. It was confrence info along with a servay about the the morality of some of the peaple there. Bleh... I grabed the papers and threw them away as I walked in oh and I got the rest of the food left behind on my way out. Yummie!

    Well after the rootwars or whatever was played peaple complained that **** around the network wasn't working right. Some guy asked me a question so I blew him off by saying random **** to make him leave me be... I kinda feel bad about it now cause he was the only guy with the balls to complain and ask about why the **** was screwing up & he asked help from peaple. The rest just mashed random buttons to get online and I was busy codeing and waiting for the next show to begin. After over hearing that the speakers & peaple wouldn't show up and/or setup intil a few more hours... Five infact BTW. I said **** this and went home. And all I got out of this **** was short conversations with funny peaple trying to fix **** or pretending to do something important... oh and I got a t-shirt, those dogtag looking things to show peaple your supposed to be there, and a long ass drive/wait. The worst part is I can't go tomarrow when all the preperations are FINNALY over with & all the good stuff can begin.

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    My condolences.

    Should that have been amusing or just a really sad statement?
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    I don't know... I didn't find it funny. Why? I knew I would end up showing to early and would mis-out alot when infact to my surprise it was much worse than I thought. Dude if I knew I would have had to wait that long for peaple to get their crap together I would have just went the next day or rented a room and got the sleep that I missed from staying up from the night before. But then I hardly live 100 miles from there I figuered why bother paying more... and then when peaple get stuff together & they do other stuff tomarrow I can't even go the other two days of the events cause of stuff at home Bleh...

    Im not going to have the time to go to any of the other stuff there... so one can only imagine that im rather upset about that. So hell yeah I guess these are some kinda sad statements here man.

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