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Thread: Exellent Spyware info

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    Exellent Spyware info

    Hi all,
    I came across the following web page and thought it maybe of some interest to people here. Some of you may already be aware of it. So apologies in advance if you have. Anyway here it is.

    They have got a cool script running on the page that does a quick check for browser parasites. A good description of what Adaware/spyware etc is. And a list of common crud on the left of the page that will link to more info. Including removal instructions.


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    Your browser has not been checked for parasites, because it isn’t Internet Explorer 5 (or later) on Windows.

    For technical reasons, the automatic-detection feature on this web page can only work with IE/Win, with “Active scripting” and “Run ActiveX controls” enabled.

    (Other browsers and operating systems tend not to be so badly affected in any case.)
    Well, I guess that tells me something....LOL

    When I use IE6:
    Your browser has been checked for parasites. None were found. (However this script cannot detect all of them!)
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