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Thread: Help with Apache please

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    Help with Apache please

    This is the wrong area to enter this question I am sure, so please forgive me. If someone could point me in a direction that would be great.

    The idea seemed simple:

    1. Use Server on network to playback CD music.

    2. Set up web page to point to raw directory, click on song with Windows machine and Media Player would pop up and play song.

    3. Apache seems to be working fine. I createed a simple index page that lists the song, and that loads fine.

    4. Windows Media Player launches, then says the file is an unsupported format - even though the files ARE supported (Track01.cda, etc.)

    5. What am I missing? Did Linux and/or Apache change the format somehow?

    Again, if this cannot be answered here I understand. Any direction on this is much appreciated.

    - Aftiel

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    Moved the thread into Web Development (seemed more appropriate).

    Do you have a Real Media Server streamer setup? Otherwise, IIRC, they'd have to right click and save as.
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