Some bug in Windows XP called W32/Parite,is creating a lot of problems.I'm not even sure wether its a virus ir a bug..it seems more like a virus but some people are calling it a bug.Here is the link which i Found on Symantec when I searched for W32/Parite:


this virus seems to be adding its code to all the .exe and .scr files of the victim's computer.It doesn't do that all of a sudden..it does that slowly..like only 15 files at a moment or so..and if the victim quarentine's all of the files which are detected as the virus then he/she will probably have nothing left in their computer.
According to Symantec the solution is to delete the registry key which makes the virus run at start up,and update ur norton,and then run a full system scan and repair all files detected as the virus.I wonder why does Norton have the same thing in the "recommendation's" section of each virus in its databse..and almost the same steps to remove the virus for most of the viruses.Anyway.....
I'm not sure if this is the virus which causes the problem or some bug in Windows XP..because some people are calling it a bug.Any thoughts?