We are posting this message to request some help in some keystroke biometric research that our computer science research team at University of Rochester is trying to accomplish. Your participation would greatly help our study of realtime keystroke user authentication methods. Basically we are working on a biometric program that would lock out anyone who was using your computer that does not match your keystroke profile. While this endeavor is still in its research phase, we need participants to run our program to gather information about each participants specific typing style. If you are interested in helping us please go to the following web address for a more in depth explaination of our program and how to participate in our reserach. Thank You for your time and I hope you can help us out. Please post any questions and we will try to respond quickly. Our timeframe for this research is the following 2 weeks starting today April 17- May 1st. Please only serious volunteers.

Here is the link:

CS200 Research Team at University of Rochester
Warren Fong
Peter Ordal
David Lu
David Ganzhorn
Jonathan Norwood