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Thread: sendmail config in linux

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    sendmail config in linux

    I can configure my sendmail on localhost in such a way to send messages from my domain, but hotmail percieves it as junk problably because apears in the bottom of the headers. In atempt to resolve this conflict I decided to configure sendmail to listen to 24.101.x.x instead of localhost, but I only recieve relay denied messages from sendmail. I dont understand why.


    localhost.localdomain RELAY
    localhost RELAY RELAY RELAY

    I get the following when sending email:

    RCPT TO <> failed: <>... Relaying denied

    In my I have the following:

    O DaemonPortOptions=Port=smtp,Addr=24.101.x.x, Name=MTA


    So as sendmail listens on 24.101.x.x, and mail client outgoing server is 24.101.x.x

    If I change DomainPortOptions back to the 'relaying denyed' error disapears. But the hotmail problem comes back.

    Can someone help me either resolve the relay denyed or tell hotmail I am not junk?

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    It sounds to me like you are having a dns resolution issue, as when sendmail checks the sender against the list it isn't authorizing you to relay.
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    I think so too, but am unsure how to go abouts tracking it down. I know that a reverse dns lookup on my domain does return the corect ip, I also know that my isp uses DHCP and so my computer has a domain from DHCP and the domain I siggned up for at

    I asked to store my ip which is static, for the domain I choose, then I added the domain to the access, and also my, I thought that sendmail would compare the host inside my host table, to the host of the access table and then reverse dns and see I realy am who I say I am.

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