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Thread: Linux (RH9) and WTS

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    Linux (RH9) and WTS

    Hi Everyone,

    I am pretty new to RH and Linux in general, and I wanted to throw out a question to you all. We are just starting to revamp our Engineering workstations, and we added a new fileserver. I am still inthe planning stages of getting the Workstations online. One of the problems I have been having making the switch over to Linux is the users objection of losing MS Office, Visio, and other apps.
    I had posted a question about that, and serveral people suggested CrossOver and Dia.
    But I was playing around with the copy of RH9 on my notebook, when I realized that it had a Windows Terminal Services client. Does anyone have any experience with this? We are runnig SBS2000 which has TS built in, but we are not currently using it. Would this not be a good solution, that way I can manage their apps etc, yet they still run under Linux? BTW, we are switch to the Linux version of our main CAD package for the engineers, which is what prompted all of this.

    Any suggestions, pro's or con's that you have is appricated.
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    Rdesktop - the terminals services client works pretty well, decent compressions and what not. Graphics canbe a little fuzzy and color is a little off, but for word processing it shoudl work. Might be kind of taxing in the server though having tons of people connecting...
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