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Thread: Web hosting solutions?

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    Web hosting solutions?

    I am currently using Megaclutch's package 150 .

    Long story short, I am unhappy with their service. Mainly I can't get questions answered in a timely fashion, not to mention sometimes not at all. I have experienced downtime on a regular basis for sometime now. When the page is back, I experience errors related to the shopping cart. Agora, "Owners do not match".

    I have fized this problem on a dialy basis for the last week or so. Unfortunaley the only cure is a site restore from home backup.

    I am looking for some advice on hosts some of you folks have used. I am not interested in a google link so save your self the trouble.

    If you have or in the recent past have used a different host with similar options and are happy with the service provided, I'd love to hear about it.

    I am mainly interested in bandwidth and space. While alot of the other stuff is needed, I can live with out most of it. Can not skip SSL, MYSQL, FTP, and pop3 unlim.

    Thanks to all in advance.
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    When I used to have a couple of private sites hosted for myself and some other people I used Eboundhost (Click Here for more info) and I was very happy with the speed of the network and the quick responces from support. (Note: this was a year and a half ago, so things might of changed)

    They offer SSL, PHP, (100 email addresses for basic and unlimited for better plan), SQL Database (probably MYSQL), FTP, 15 GB transfer and 400 MB webspace for the basic plan.
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    I have two domains hosted by Priorweb.

    I don't know how much space you're looking for (you seem to have 150MB at your current host), but here's one of their plans:

    - Domain name
    - 250MB space
    - 25 subdomains
    - 6GB transfert
    - SSI, PHP, CGI/Perl, ASP
    - 5 MYSQL databases
    - 25 POP3/IMAP accounts with unlimited aliases
    - 3 mailinglists, 3 autoresponders
    - 3 FTP accounts

    Only 120 Euro per year, domain name included... Their servers are directly connected to one of Europe's backbones, so they're lightning-fast.

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    I have 3 domains hosted by

    For $7.50 a month you get 200MB disk space. 9GB bandwith, phpbb2/invision forum boards, cpanel, 20 POP3 emails. 5 FTP accounts. and a whole bunchg of other things, CGI scripts, really cool stuff. Check ou that link.

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    I use almost exclusivly for all domains and hosting needed by my clients.

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