I am currently using Megaclutch's package 150 .

Long story short, I am unhappy with their service. Mainly I can't get questions answered in a timely fashion, not to mention sometimes not at all. I have experienced downtime on a regular basis for sometime now. When the page is back, I experience errors related to the shopping cart. Agora, "Owners do not match".

I have fized this problem on a dialy basis for the last week or so. Unfortunaley the only cure is a site restore from home backup.

I am looking for some advice on hosts some of you folks have used. I am not interested in a google link so save your self the trouble.

If you have or in the recent past have used a different host with similar options and are happy with the service provided, I'd love to hear about it.

I am mainly interested in bandwidth and space. While alot of the other stuff is needed, I can live with out most of it. Can not skip SSL, MYSQL, FTP, and pop3 unlim.

Thanks to all in advance.