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Thread: Webpage help !!

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    Webpage help !!

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about hosting a webpage. I have already registered the domain, but i am looking to self host the website if possible. I built the webpage in frontpage. Is there any kind if special software i need or could someone explain how to go about setting it up. thanxs

    It is a win2k box
    18ghz processor
    512mb of ram
    40gb hardrive
    cable connection.
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    You could use ISS, i have no knowledge of that so you'll have to search google, theres also apache, which is free.

    I found these links for you

    The webserver software is the software need to allow connections to your computer.

    Is this your main computer? I would imagine it would slow it down if your using it as well. If its only for web hosting then youll be fine.

    Security of webservers is a big issue and u'll have to keep them patched well and locked down


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    FrontPage is the WORSE program to build webpage..

    Their a lot of compagnie that can host your domain for cheap (Less that 100$ per year). It worth paying for it since they usually have good bandwitch, and it's less pain that setting a server yourself.

    Also, if you want to set your server on your home machine, I'll HAVE to be sure your IP NEVER change! It's take 48 to 72 hours to change Internet DNS.
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    It worth paying for it since they usually have good bandwitch
    So Simon - bandwitch - what's that a new form of transmission on Spooknet?

    Explicit.... some decent suggestions above ceratainly worth looking into, but please do ditch Frontpage it is crap.
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