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Thread: A good forensics tool

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    A good forensics tool

    I run windows Xp and I need some good forensics tools. free downloads if ya can.

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    try the forensics tool kit from foundstone

    and the pstool kit from systernals:
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    a small question

    Maybe it's smart to ask what he want's to use them for instead of pointing him all over the internet.
    for stuff he may not even need

    So hereby what are you looking for ?

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    Hmm.. he wants forensics tools...maybe for forensics? Tedob pointed him to everything he should need in two links... that's certainly not pointing him all over the internet...

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    LOL groov,

    Take a look @ Advanced Administrative Tools too, its a very useful package.

    It has a 45 Day free trial. Licence is only $40.

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