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Thread: Free software sniffs out phishy Web sites!!

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    Free software sniffs out phishy Web sites!!

    Thought you guys would find this interesting, I certainly have. Check out the link!!

    The only thing im suspicous about is the fact that its made form earthlink. They are known to have this urge to collect information from customers that the customers would rather not them know.
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    EarthLink's system won't be foolproof. In order to block users from accessing a fake site, the firm must first receive a report of the troublesome Web page, and verify it. Then it must send updates to all users, adding the site to a so-called black list. Updates will happen every two hours, giving the criminals at least that much time to steal from users.
    And thus just reading this makes wonder just how worth while this little program would be?
    Even though you can get new updates every two hours, that would mean that you would spend more time updating, then you would surf the net.


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    If there are legitimage sites being hosted on that server, you are going to be blocked from those too? How are they going to block them? via URL? IP?
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    I'm sorry, but I think the best defence against any scam is plain common sense.
    I mean really, would you give your credit card info to just anyone who walked up to you on the street and asked for it? Unfortuantely the answer for alot of people is "YES".
    When I was in college (many moons ago) we ran a study on how easy it is to con people. We went to the 'Dollar Store' (or equivilant ) and purchased fake badges and ID cards. (they really looked faky too) and put them in a little billfold like folder. Then we stood on a corner in downtown Seattle and stopped random people, and asked them to confirm their identities. Out of the 62 people we stopped, only 21 questioned our right or our ID's. Seven of those complied with us after only slight intimidation.
    [note: we were going for 250 stops, but one of our 4 teams stopped an off duty policeman and were arrested -- later released with a warning]
    Most people hardly even glanced at the ID's we flashed, and basically handed us everything in their wallets. Actually, that is very scary.
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    Post Scam Protection

    I'd have to agree with Moxnix. Although it is easy to say that you can download an anti-scam program to protect you from these so-called "imposter" websites, it's still plain common sense in the end that will deter users from getting scammed. I mean, Earthlink itself admitted that an imposter website has to be reported first before it can be added to their "black" list...this alone is already a vulnerability...what if the fake site is new? The anti-spam program from earthlink can help deter, but not eliminate. If users use their common sense while surfing the net, they would'nt have the need to use anti-spam programs in the first place.

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    Originally posted here by moxnix
    [note: we were going for 250 stops, but one of our 4 teams stopped an off duty policeman and were arrested --
    made me laugh.... heh, oooops.
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