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Thread: Negative (27)

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    Negative (27)

    Happy Birthday Negative. Best luck in life from MemorY

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    Hey I didn't know his birthday was so close to mine. I got one coming up near the 30th.
    Happy Birthday (party!)

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    Hmm, wonder what he got for his B-Day, a call from ^sWifty? :/

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    Happy Birthday Negative

    Don't worry the strippers in the mail

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    He has a great wife, a familly, and thanks to us screwing around so much here, job security (I didn't say ****ing around in honor of his Birthday...Damn, I just said it, Doh!)

    And he is intelligent and can speak more languages than I can

    And has a jacket that I want visitation rights too...I just want to hold it, caress it, and maybe have a few minutes alone with it.

    What I'm getting at is, it doesn't matter what you get for your Birthday, it's who is there to make it a good day for you.

    27 ?!?!?!?!?!?!? Wow...If I get you a case of Depends, would you tade the jacket for those?

    Happy Birthday Neggy.

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    Huson Mt.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- SENIOR NEGATIVE !!! (or is that Senor -- well how ever the Texmex say it)
    \"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, Champagne in one hand - strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO - What a Ride!\"
    Author Unknown

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    AO French Antique News Whore
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    Happy B-Day!

    Another post at 12:02pm from Memory!! VERY Disappointed that Memory didn’t post at exactly 12:00pm!!!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Happy Birthday, Dries!!! Yowsa!!

    I hope you have, or have had (since we've been celebrating since Friday) one of the best birthdays ever!! I have loved drinking, cooking out, and eating out with you these last 4 or 5 days. From what I can recall it was a little bumpy during the chess and politics discussions....but really it was all a great time. I like celebrating anything with you! I'm really glad it's your birthday, Dries because now you are only 7 years younger than me instead of 8...that looks a lot better on paper.

    Seriously though, Dries, you are as close to perfection as a man can get....I really mean that! I have never been so happy as this last year. You are *it* for me...forever! I hope you have the happiest birthday ever, Bébé!!

    I'll see you later this evening....

    Today is also our one year anniversary...I guess we get to drink twice as much tonight??!?

    P.S. Thank you for the kind words, Gore.

    Go Finland!
    Deviant Gallery

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    Happy B-Day Negative!

    Wow... you got some really kind words from mg32... you must be doing something right
    Quitmzilla is a firefox extension that gives you stats on how long you have quit smoking, how much money you\'ve saved, how much you haven\'t smoked and recent milestones. Very helpful for people who quit smoking and used to smoke at their computers... Helps out with the urges.

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    Thank you, everybody

    This last year has been great for me... a lot has happened, and it's all been good. I met the woman of my dreams, quit my job, sold my apartment, moved to the capital of the world, got married, got a family and a job (a 4-year old and a 2.5-year old are a fulltime job), bought a new house,...

    A one-year anniversary plus a birthday... you bet there's going to be some alcohol tonight... see you tonight, baby!

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