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Thread: need to contact a security expert for project

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    Exclamation need to contact a security expert for project

    i need to contact an expert on security for an interview for a project i'm doing at school; it can be personal or by e-mail. i kinda came here because this IS a security site, so i'm expecting a lot of hits. if you have anyone who is a skilled professional in this topic, please, please, please tell me!!!!! i seriously need this!!

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    If you wish someone to contact you, for you to interview them, then I suggest you make a list of references.
    1. Your name
    2. Your school
    3. Your proffessers name and contact information
    4. Your deans name and contact information
    5. A list of the questions you will be asking.
    Most members of this site are slightly paranoid and would not volenteer for any kind of interview blindly. They will want to check you, your professer, and your school out first.
    They will also want to know the context of what the data will be used for probably.

    Edit: And don't post the information on an open board. Any one who is interested can pm you and you can pm the info back to them.
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    At least tell us what the interview is about
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    I'm not a professional but I'm studying Networking and Forensics. If I can be of any help, send me a PM.

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    Im sorry, but I dont take you at all seriously, as there was that please please please please thing at the end.

    If you really want information, ask something specific. if you ask something so broad, how can you expect us to answer you properly? I am a Site Security Manager for a company, and you asked for a security expert. I can tell you all about CCTV, locking down a building, patrol techniques, situation control, emergency responses, employee management, asset control, access control.... get my point yet?

    rethink your post. As far as Im concerned this is a 6th grader who wants ANYTHING to sound leet to his buddies....

    EDIT: damn Im good: from his profile: Birthday 1989-09-28 ... wasnt that far off the mark was I?
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    okay, maybe i didn't make myself clear. i posted the thread at the last minute before adding any details. i'm an 8th grader, specifically, a GIRL, from Sunrise Middle School (Clackamas, OR). I'm doing this for an expert project, and one of the requirements was to interview an expert in my field. So um, yeah, that's about it. sorry for all the trouble.

    oops, i forgot to mention the reason of the interview. we had to come up with a question that could be provable: in the future, could computer security protect the US or any other country from terrorists if they started to use computers? not likely to happen, but hey, this project is supposed to be based on what we wonder about.

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    Hi Info Seeker,

    oops, i forgot to mention the reason of the interview. we had to come up with a question that could be provable: in the future, could computer security protect the US or any other country from terrorists if they started to use computers? not likely to happen, but hey, this project is supposed to be based on what we wonder about.
    OK, I will answer your questions...............use the private messaging system............

    Please appreciate that I am restricted in some respects by the laws of my country, but we are allies, and I do have MoD (our lot) N.A.T.O. and DoD (your lot) security clearance. I do not anticipate that this is a problem, if I don't know I will tell you, if I am not permitted to say I will tell you that I am not.

    It is an interesting question, and one that I have raised before...............your premise of "not likely to happen" is quite wrong..........did you know that the government of Taiwan (Formosa) have over 500 people working for their cyber warfare team? the public domain so I can say that

    C4 and semtex are can actually cause more damage with a Pentium II and a 33.6 dial-up connection?

    Send a PM (personal of the purple tags at the top) if you want to hear my views.

    I think that there are some others here with military/defence/law enforcement/national security that you have specified what you want, you should get the right people...........please do not think that we are "elitist" or is a fairly specialist field, but has even more specialists in it......(that's how we keep our jobs )

    Good luck

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    Aren't terroristic nations and nation-states already using computers and sat-cell phones to commit crime? That is, in fact, how we monitor said *******s, isn't it? By 'commit crime', I mean to communicate to each other plans of attack and the like. As far as the 'security' aspect of your question goes...anyone who has one iota of knowledge on the subject secures their data and networks....but on the other hand, those who wish to do harm not only can do the same, but use weak IT professionals as a diving board. WarDriving, although offensive to most, is still legal. The fault lies in the broadcaster, not in the user. Bottom line, ENCRYPT YOUR ****. So should we screen everyone from a foreign country that wishes to use a coffeehouse computer? No....but the admins need to keep a closer eye on who uses what for what. This counts for the average user as well...PROTECT YOUR ****. Doesn't take a genius...even if the suspect is Joe Blow searching porn or the anarchist's cookbook. In my opinion, the so-called fight on internet terrorism starts with Admins that have the balls and have the eyes to fight it.

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    Drug dealers have on many situations have wraped drugs into waterproof bags lets say plasic bags which were taped up very tightly then weighted down & inside radios created a sort of beacon signaling and with existing wireless technologies other dealers knew exactly where to look... lakes, oceans, & (ect). It worked for years intil wifi became more popular than ever before & the authorties caught on. Who knows what other type of things they were funding.

    And anyone could easly go to a site dedicated to tourism and not only get cheap tickets to planes but also get maps of the most popular tourist attractions for attacks right on one site.

    Also you posted ALOT of info here... hell with nothing but your full name and the state you live in... with that small bit of info alone I could find you and pull up info on you and your family. This is how much the info exstends into our daily lives. You could not bowse online at all and yet... just by being a average tax paying civilian like your ID goes through hundreds of computers and you'd never notice intil you see your own records.

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    Damn specialist, you beat me to it lol. You posted WAY to much info about yourself in the open. You should also learn how to listen. They said send the info in a PM not in the open on the WWW. You can say thats your first lesson in the art of online security .
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