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Thread: need to contact a security expert for project

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    Has anyone thought that we should encourage terrorists to use the internet?

    1. It might discourage them from blowing up office blocks, restaurants, supermarkets, discos, bars, hotels, trains, school buses and so on.
    2. We can defend ourselves better at a personal level? I can't even get a one second exposure on a bloody terrorist.
    3. It would focus international government and enforcement agency attention............that would make life very difficult for skiddies, spammers and other scum?

    More of a "level playing field" perhaps?

    Just a thought

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    first thing that comes to my mind? the inadvertant disclosure of proprietary info...
    start talking about something you deal with on a daily basis, and its easy to forget the person your are talking to isnt privvy to certain facts and such, statistics, layouts, whatever.
    next thing you know...
    Remember -
    The ark was built by amatures...
    The Titanic was built by professionals.

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    I dissagree with some of the things said...

    1: Oh yes with spam and popups... lets all just "not" blow up places of buisness.

    2: Lets all become l33t h4x0rs and take down and/or destroy some 13 year old kid's terrorist web server.

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    thanks you guys. i got an interview 2 weeks ago (i think) and i'm happy with the results. i'm not done with the project yet ( long) but i really appreciate you guys helping me.

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