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Thread: a big problem

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    a big problem

    hi everyone!
    i jus bought prince of perisia 3d game to play ,but the minimum requirement is geforce 3 ,but i have geforce 2 ,64 mb...its not a t all even going in ,i cant buy another now at this time as i t is enough for me ..i somehow want to make it work in my graphics card it possible?
    its saying <0000> memory location under minimum requirements ,your card is not supported
    or my i have any chance like downloading some files to make it work plz help me,the games price is much more....huh!
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    if it said on the box geforce 3 and you knew you only had a 2 why did you even buy it. All you can do is wait till you have the money to buy a new video card is my guess

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    the answer is probably not - but even if you could the game would run like a dog. It is possible to overclock graphics cards but I doubt it'd be enough to get performance anything like a Geforce 3. I have to agree with Zombie as well - why buy the game if you know you don't have the hardware
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    The advice you have been given is correct. The manufacturers of the game have put that equipment check in for a reason?

    Not only will the game run very badly and drive you mad, if you got it to run it could easily kill your existing videocard.

    Yes, it should be relatively simple to get round the restriction (well I am sure that I could do it, as I have managed with Microsoft Operating Systems)

    In the case of a video card, don't even try it..............and certainly don't let any of your "clever" friends try it..............remember, it will be you without a working computer, not THEM????

    As for overclocking, I doubt if that would work, as I suspect that the problem is more what graphics features are supported than raw speed?

    Look at it this way, if you cannot afford a new card to play the game, you cannot afford a new card because you have fried the old one?

    Please give it some thought

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