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    Just wondering what others thought on IPv6 were. I perosnally think it looks pretty amazing, not to much more complicated (VERY good thing IMO). It would probably enable what are now Private range IP's to have their own publicaly routable IP, but I doubt they will do that due to the increase of the size of the routing tables. However, it should certainly last us at least half the time of its ancestor, I am still suprised at how long IPv4 has lasted. About 20 years now if I am not mistaken?

    How long do you guys think it will be before it will get widespread implementation? I know of quite a few people who have already implemented it on their home networks, but I have yet to hear of any business who implemented it. FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD all have support for it now, with pateched versions of just about every common service/program. I have still not implemented it yet, I still use windows Dual Boot. Also, I play a lot of games, and they don't have support yet (obviously)

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    I havent played with it or looked at it yet... got links to some info?? (yeah yeah Im lazy)
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    Yeah, the RFC was done in the early '80s (81). As for IPv6 on a home network, until there are userland apps that REQUIRE it, I really don't see the point. IPv6 is primarily an extension on the addressing space given to IP addresses to 128bit from 32bit.
    Every modern OS has support for IPv6 (including Windows 2000 SP1+, XP, and 2003 Server)

    It's not really an innovative new approach, it's just fixing a problem by extending existing technology.

    IPv4/6 Info:
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    I know my provider can provide me with a IPv4->IPv6 tunnel. That way you can hookup your own netwerk to the world wide Internet by using an IPv6<->IPv4 <=>regular dsl connection<=>IPv4<->IPv6 type setup. Still haven't found the time to set it up though
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    1,024 <--- this page contains a list of all rfc's that have anything to do with IPv6.

    I personally think the best thing about it being a spec built a while ago is the fact it will be simple once it gets completely implemented. I figure by 2006 it will be widespread due to the the speed of IP addresses being taken up. Perhaps Longhorn will natively and by default use it?

    I will be quite happy that it will not have tons of extras added on as is what usually happens when new standards happen, but luckily that usually doesn't happen with any of the TCP/IP suite.

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