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Thread: IE Update problem

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    IE Update problem

    Hi all!

    I got a problem with installing of IE:
    When I install it I getting one message
    "No Digital Signatur Found"
    and when I push OK installation just ending.

    What is wrong and how can I update my old IE version with new.
    I tried update from microsoft home site and from CD that I have but the problem is still same.

    I using win2k
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    Google and Microsoft are fab for answering these kinds of questions. Answer is here.

    This problem may occur if Windows 2000 is not correctly reading the digital signature of the software package and the following two local computer policies are blocking the installation:

    * Unsigned driver installation behavior
    * Unsigned non-driver installation behavior

    When these two policies are set to Do not allow installation, service packs and other updates cannot be properly installed.
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    Thx 4 hlp
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