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Thread: Rainbow Tables?!

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    Rainbow Tables?!

    Has anyone an idea where I can find some pre-generated hash tables? [*.rt format] box is too slow to generate them myself!

    I searched for them quite a long time...

    Can someone please give me a hint?
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    you really cant get pregenerated ones

    check point three on this paper
    chown -r us ./bases

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    Could you maybe be a little more specific about what the .*rt file format is? Because it's either some kind of text format, or you are trying to generate hash tables for rainbow crack (a microsoft password cracker)...if the latter is the case, you can't download're going to have to figure out a different app to crack your passwords with..

    Incidentally, a search for <rainbow tables> turned up this information on the first hit.

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    Re: Rainbow Tables?!

    I have also generated the 18GB table that Sarca generated, and what I did was set up 3 p4 2.8 GHz systems to each complete 10 of the 30 tables, and it only took about a month.

    My suggestion would be to use some type of computer lab (where you are authorized to work) and generate them there because it doesn't seem practical to do it on one computer.

    furthermore, I work for a university and we have seen some people try to do this in an unauthorized manner by backdooring systems that have weak passwords and setting up the generation on those (no I am not suggesting this, merely showing how by doing it in an unauthorized manner will get you in trouble) -- the person who did this will be expelled once they are tracked down.

    I hope this helps -- if you don't have computers that you have access to, maybe your friends will let you do it on theirs -- keep in mind that when you are generating the files, if the process is interrupted, it will resume -- but also once the tables are generated, they have to be sorted (a mistake I made when I was first generating)

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    Since groovicus was too lazy to paste it for you:P and since I feel like pampering,here's the link:

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