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    hey, I don't have alot of time always to be reading forums and such, is there anyway to bookmark a thread so i know if anything changes in it and so that i can go back to it easier?
    thanks in advance

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    Under every thread, you'll see these links:

    Printable Version | Email This Page!
    Receive updates (subscribe) to this thread

    Clicking on Receive updates (subscribe) to this thread will subscribe you to the thread, meaning you'll receive an email when somebody replies to the thread.
    Keep in mind though that you'll have to have email notification turned on, and that there may be more than one reply, but you will not receive any more notifications until you visit the board again.

    In Edit Site Options, there is an option to turn on email notification (I think it's set to yes by default, but I could be wrong). The above-mentioned option is handy for when you didn't reply to a thread, but still want to receive notifications.

    Hope this helps.

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