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Thread: addaware Will Not delete

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    addaware Will Not delete

    Ok. There is a file My add-aware Picks Up Called krcom.cpy.dll that Will not delete It says windows is running it somehow, Yet I have unclicked All process programs running at first. I have tried to give ad-aware the option of deleting this file opon reboot which it never does. I need some help on this. I have tried to do a search on google and found nothing On this dll. Any suggestions would be great.

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    First shot:

    Boot into safe mode, then run your anti malware stuff


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    find out the location for it, go to dos and cd to it: -

    c:\>cd c:\whereit is\filelocation\

    leave the dos window open! then press control-alt-delete and end the task explorer.exe

    then go back to you dos window and type

    c:\whereit is\filelocation>del annoyingfile.dll

    that will get rid of the file, I found sometimes when booting into safemode these files still run but the method i just detailed kills them


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    Thankyou Both. I started in safe mode had to close all applications almost, And finally scanned with adaware and Deleted It successfully..

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