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Thread: Free Online Courses?

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    Free Online Courses?

    Just Curious, Im wondering if there is any sites out there with free Security Training etc..

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    there are plenty of colleges that offer such online training... just google online networking classes

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    try they dont offer courses i dont think but it is a good place to get some experience.
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    i use these quite often they have classes on everything technology related
    and they are free (mostly)
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    Yo, unit,
    Would be nice if your signature would link to something more interesting.
    The site appears to be dead. If this is intentional, its a waste of a click...
    mouse abuse. Might have to report you.

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    the site is down because the host is having torubles. they said itll be up soon. i cant get my email or anything, its really stinks. but i run the site with hexstar u can try to email me ( and you should get a bounce. You can talk to hexstar if you want (hexstar2004 on aim) you can see google caches of our sites, which was recently hacked 3 times cuz of a stuuupid php-nuke exploit. (by w3tic0) look up the site in google, youll see it really exists, w have a forum and stuff.
    if you have time be sure to drop my my website at

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