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Thread: C++ functions (returning strings)

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    Question C++ functions (returning strings)

    This is in C/C++:
    Ok, I get how returning numbers, characters, bool, but how would I return a string. Such as:
    // header files here
    char foo();
    int main()
         return 0;
    char foo()
         bar[7] = "foobar";
         return  bar;
    How do I get a function to return a string?
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    you can't really return a string... what you can do is send an array of characters by pointers or a string (from string.h) by referance.

    Now, i have read that you can setup a function like

    string goodbye()
    return( "thank you for using this program");

    but i've had mixed results

    You should also consult your compiler's help manual to see if this kind of stuff will work.

    have fun
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    Good Evening,

    yep, but passing strings by ref is better pop this in it:

    void myfunc(string &s);

    buts if you really want to:

    string myfunc(int, int);

    good luck

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