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Thread: chatting with User By Ip

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    chatting with User By Ip

    Im curious can you send message to someone with only an ip? I really would love to know how if its possible. To have an ip from zonealarm someone trying to scann ur ports etc.. And you sending messages to him through ip that would Own.

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    Before I answer I urge you not to contact the user. You will probably just open yourself up to more problems. If this ip is continuously causing you problems I would do a whois on it and report him/her to their ISP's abuse line.

    Now for your question if both computers are windows you can use the net send function. If you open command prompt and type in net send /? it will show you how to use it. for instance
    net send IP HERE Whatever you want to type here

    Hope this is what you were looking for
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    I think the NET SEND command only works if you are on a LAN with the other user.
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    with Net send you both need the Messenger Service enabled.

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    Most people have been told to keep the messenger service disabled as a security issue, so if you want to use it you will have to find a way to tell them before hand to have it ready. You could probably find a better way to do send people messages, but I do not know of any.

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    To have an ip from zonealarm someone trying to scann ur ports etc.. And you sending messages to him through ip that would Own.
    I can see three problems:

    1. You will have just cancelled your Zonealarm stealthing, by telling the attacker that there is a computer at that address

    2. I would guess that at least 70% of the attacks are from malware programs on compromised machines, which may well be servers, so you are not likely to get many replies?...........Bots are not very responsive?

    3. The best you can do is use the "abuse" reporting facility of their ISP, but I am very doubtful if most pay much attention to complaints from private individuals, or to isolated incidences?

    I am sorry, but that is the way things are


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    Bots are not very responsive?
    I wonder if they would be responsive, if i disabled all security on one of my servers, would they use there manners and say Thank You?
    Or would they ignore me and throw a party in my server and not invite me..

    Either way, me thinks that it would be cool, if you could just send a message to an IP that is continually scanning your Network, Box whatever.
    I know it would sure scare the pants of those Skiddies out there.
    One minute there portscanning some website looking for a hole, then the next thing, there screen starts flashing all the colours of the Rainbow with a warning saying please stand by the FBI will be at your door shortly, thankyou for flying yada yada Airlines.

    well maybe i got a little carried away with that, but it would still Rock


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    Net send is possible over the internet if proper ports are opened and such.
    "That would Own!"

    first, I hate the phrase of "Owning" or worse pwning.
    You got scanned. big deal. make a note of the IP, and if youve done your security right, AND you pay attention, you will be fine. retaliation only causes more traffic on a already busy internet. Plus its prolly just a damn script. if they are hammering you with scans, etc get the ISP using Whois. (thats all Ill tell you, time to learn how.)
    then use the whois info to get ahold of
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    thankyou for replys. Me thought it would be nice, I knew of the netsend command however it does not work more then half the time.

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