I am marked as a newbie but have been a member of Antionline for a long time. I don't post alot (usually only questions of problems I need advice on) but I do alot of reading here and have found Antionline an invalueable source of learning. So cheers to Antionline and all who have helped me in the past -

Actually I'm warming everyone up for another question

I can't get my personal images to show on web pages from my html source nor can I get them to upload onto webpage building templates. I am always getting the little red x or a page can not be displayed screen. There is actually a slight differance between these 2 problems -

The first is when I use a storesonline.com page builder template I can't get images to show or upload from my computer to their site like is supposed to happen.

The second is a bit more involved - When I lived in Asia I built a site. I am now not in Asia and am getting control moved so I have control over the code again by changing ISP and such. But in case something unforeseen happened while this process was going on I went to the site, copied the source code and saved it onto my current comp. as .htm docs. When I go to view this code in a browser the images don't display - is this because the images are not on the computer I'm using now?

Any answers, like always are greatly appreciated. The first instance is the most important as I'm not making the money I should be and if it goes any longer it may start actually costing me money.

Thanks again, in advance, for the help