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Thread: Ms Trail exhibits

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    Ms Trail exhibits

    Didn't see this posted yet.. so here goes..
    Birth of the Evil Empire? Snapshots from billg's early days
    Microsoft's settlement (on terms which have yet to be specified) of the Minnesota overcharging lawsuit means that some very interesting evidence that was to be presented at the trial will now, as we say in the Wonderful World of Disney, go back into the vaults for another generation. We'd be the last to suggest that Microsoft is the kind of company that would cut a deal simply to avoid having its senior execs forced to take the stand and have embarrassing emails waved at them, but a deal has, provisionally, been cut, and Hennepin County District Court tells us: "The trial exhibits will remain on the website until Monday, April 26, 2004."
    the exhibits can be found here:

    I downloaded it and did a little check

    du -h
    65M ./Plaintiff
    33M ./Respondent
    98M .

    If people have trouble downloading the files.. I'm putting up a mirror for it..
    Also for people finding out and wanting to read after april 26th !
    The mirror location is
    It's a quite fast server.. hope you enjoy !
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    Now that's some interesting information, thanks for this Jinx.
    Me wonders after the Dust settles, if Bill Gates will still control the Monopoly?
    This would have to put some sorta bad stigma on Microsoft, and it's gonna most likely open the Gates for all those other Company's that Microsoft has screwed over the years.

    I didn't like Microsoft before, and after reading a few of those e-mails, i defiantly don't trust 'em now.


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    I have to see wat is going to happen first. I mean microsoft alway
    manages to save its ass with a lot of money.
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