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Thread: future plans

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    future plans

    i am really exited i just got all my classes in order to take a network support course. i plan to get an Assosciates Degree, then move to a difrent college and get a Bacholers in network support tech/security......

    sorry for takeing this little space to show my happyness that i am able to further my education in computer technology.

    maybe by the time i graduate i will have somthing intellegent to say in these forms so that i may gain some anti-points.....

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    No I don't mind hearing this kinda thing simply because my entire life I always knew I had no future. But its nice to hear that other peaple are out makeing something out of themselves.

    Who needs green when you can get the other kinda that fits in a bank. Besides I used to have so much green dots that I got bored here one day & got myself banned so I could do it over agian... & I never had anything intellegent to say at all. And you know what? I still do not... Its not like its a true ranking of what type of person you are. Doesn't make me feel better about being me. And fame... god chances are you won't get laid by anyone good looking for it... you won't get known for anything worth while

    I mean crap its a shame when I went out to a few meetings and cons this year... and when someone asks who I am and what I do with this huge ammount of time I have, when I answer back about codeing and AO... the reaction is always like... oh your just as neurotic & sarcastic as you are online.

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