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Thread: Act of hacking

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    Exclamation Act of hacking

    In my mind, people should understand that those that hack with good intension are merely "troubleshooters" and those that hack with bad objectives are "troublemakers", as long as "security" is concerned.
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    HAHAHA Holy ****ing ****!! |The|Specialist is rolling on the floor luaghing about how this joke is posted in tech-humor. Look everyone this guy is makeing a joke by mocking noobs and their l33t h4x0rism & ethical standings..

    Anyone who bothers calling themselves a hacker is looking for nothing more than excitement and fame which really and truely has nothing to do with computers at all thus it all eventually just becomes a bit of a oximoron within the word itself if possable. If your ethical about this or that then you should be called that or this? Come on... and the so called, self proclaimed "hackers" wonder why no one takes the words seriously... most can't even admit that its nothing but a scene for bored children who own computers.

    It all can be compaired to punk & yet makes about as much sence as punk in it being the conformity for peaple who don't want to fit in esspecially with large crowds and are agianst the word conformity. This is why this thread is so funny to me... its a big joke within a larger joke.

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    TheSpecialist, yes you are special. Here is a cookie for you.

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    I think TheSpecialist and IntelliHacker are both special but hey, who am I to judge?
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