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Thread: Cain sniffer probs

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    Cain sniffer probs

    I am trying to get the sniffer in Cain to work but can't seem to get it to work. I have Cain installed on my laptop which is connected to my wireless network (1 desktop, 1 laptop). I am pretty sure that I am doing everything correctly. I turn the sniffer on and turn on APR and I don't see any traffic passing through. My roommate is connected straight to the ethernet jack and doesn't have a problem. Is this because the sniffer is listening inside my network and not the internet side. This is for my own personal knowledge in security tools. Thanks

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    Cain will sniff on your internal lan, there would be way to much traffic on the net. IF you are trying to do arp poisoning, you have to configure it to reroute his traffic through yours. You may have switched them, cain isn't very clear on that.
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    kr5kernel, Hey thanks for the reply. I will have to try and figure out the ARP poisoning. Maybe I can get it going soon. Later

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