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Thread: Domain Name With Free Hosting?

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    Question Domain Name With Free Hosting?

    Hello all...

    I'm in search of a reliable domain name registration service, that also offers free hosting in one complete package. The most I'm willing to pay is $30 per year.

    I would like to find a service that offers:

    -At least 20 MB of storage space.

    -At least 1 GB of monthly bandwidth.

    -At least 5 mail accounts.

    -Web-based file manager/editor.

    -No file size storage/upload limit.

    -And most importantly - no ads of any kind.

    I've looked into DotEasy, NetFirms and HostUltra. I will most likely choose DotEasy, but would like to keep my options open at the moment.


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    Hey Hey,

    -At least 20 MB of storage space.
    -No file size storage/upload limit.
    Am I the only one seeign a problem with this? You seem to be asking for an awful lot for $20, when you include the domain name. It seems to me like you'll have a hard time finding something that's reliable or trustworthy. Hell I paid $130USD for my cheapest domain w/ hosting and that wasn't even nearly reliable enough, and the specs weren't much above what you have. I had 1 email account and 100MB of space. I'd say go with something free, there are many good sites out there.. then register a domain name, and use free DNS Servers to do a CNAME Entry. It's prolly your best bet, and it'll be much more reliable than something for $30 bucks. You may have a few ads, but the trade offs woudl be worthwhile.


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    i dunno about domian names but i use and they have 100MB space unlimated bandwidth unzip capibilities they have a Web-based file manager/editor, i dont think they have a file size storage/upload limit, they do have one add at the bottom that says 100MB of free space from but its a txt link so just put <noscript> at the bottom of the page after ur closing </html> tag and it will be removed. They have lots of other stuff for FREE! but they dont give out domains.

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