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Thread: Web Movie Trailer Questions!

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    Wed Movie Tailer Questions!


    Have you guys ever try watching a Trailer from the Web!

    There will be this buffering thingy before the moive is played to you rite!

    I believe that the buffering process is where they are actually storing the Trialer into one of your folder.

    But i cannnot find where is that folder!

    I have seen ppl done it before!

    Will to Learn

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    If it's something like a flash movie type thing, then clear your Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files, then go directly back to the page until it loads. Then, close the page out and browse to your Temporary Internet Files again and the only thing there should be a few graphics, maybe a cookie, and that flash movie.

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    If you are wanting to save the movie onto your computer you can right click the link and choose Save Target As. That works a lot of the time for me. I have also been able to use the File drop down menu to choose Save as. But if you want to look for the video it should be in your Temporary Internet Files.

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