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    Today i typed in and was welcomed into a strange(TO ME!!) screen containing folders such as cgi-bin, images
    etc.On clicking over private i was welcomed by a login screen this's something great fun to me................

    But i want to know the technicalities plz.

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    thats just a dir listing cause they dont have an index page - the reason why one folder is asking you to login is prolly cause they have set it up as a non-public folder


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    Well by the looks of it, either the owner of the site, hasn't uploaded any pages for the site.
    Or maybe he's just stupid and, by the look's of things, any skiddie with a Brute Forcer and a default password file, and the now how can gain access to the cpanel for the site..

    But the prompt that you are coming across, is just a login mechanism, so that you need the correct crodentials to enter into the cpanel.
    It's pretty much just like the login screen when you boot up windows.
    It asks you for your

    And once you type in the relevan information it will take you to your Desktop.
    But with this login screen, when you login it will take you to the Control Panel of the site, you can set up email addresses, upload, download, set up MySQL databases. etc etc

    So that is why you run into that prompt.


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    actually you dont....his FTP is unsecured...just try it

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