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Thread: My mobile co uses a very lame credit update method!!!!

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    Although I won't post specific sites on ISO card readers and TV hacking, I do acknowledge my vast curiosity on the subject. My country makes such operation illegal, perhaps if you google the word testing instead of hacking you may find something useful. ISO Card Testing for example. SIM cards place the 6 pin connector in a different area than ISO smart cards, but there are adapters. Although a do not condone or help with illegal activieties, learning the process of electronics can be fun if you like to test things for operation.
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    This is the United Kingdom, there are laws in operation here that will function with, or without the approbation of AO memebers. I have personally participated in the successful prosecution of a number of fraudsters......we do not like or condone that sort of activity over here.

    In cases such as this, I know that the forces of darkness will not go after one silly little skiddie straight, they will let him boast about how "leet" he is, and how stupid they are, just like this person has done ..................I sincerely hope that no-one believes that he has not already bragged about his "leetness" to his college pals, that he has not exchanged this "leetness" for favours.....................that they are not already being monitored.........

    The bigger the scam, the longer you get in "the big boys house" and the more perps you catch the easier it is to get one to squeal..........????

    I stand by the advice that I gave him, and Mr. Milner has also suggested. Arrogant, know it all, little dipsh1ts are well beloved of the English judicial he will find out quite soon, I am sure. The fact that they will have a dozen or more co-defendants will wipe out his "youthful enthusiasm " plea straight away..................."nasty little hacker" is how he will be perceived.

    To brute force that number did take a long time.............that is "malice and aforethought" under our laws.

    He has a personal right to destroy his own life, pi$$ off his parents and whatever, but he has NO right to involve others in this process..............I, for one can tell the difference between a rational security discussion and a "look how leet I am" boasting session.

    On the other hand, I did not give him any negative antipoints...............I actually feel and fear for his parents.

    OK that is how I see it?

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