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Thread: Justice Dept. Raids Online Piracy Networks

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    Justice Dept. Raids Online Piracy Networks

    Justice Dept. Raids Online Piracy Networks
    32 minutes ago

    Add Technology - Reuters to My Yahoo!

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Investigators have raided 120 sites across the globe to break up online piracy networks that distribute copyrighted music, movies and software, the U.S. Justice Department (news - web sites) said on Thursday.

    The investigation, carried out in 27 U.S. states and 10 foreign countries, targeted covert "warez" groups that distribute computer games and other works before they are officially released, the Justice Department said.

    More than 200 computers have been seized so far and nearly 100 individuals have been identified, the Justice Department said.

    Warez groups, consisting of tech-savvy hackers and industry insiders, compete with each other to post pirated works on secret computer servers.

    From there, the works quickly spread across the Internet and become available to millions through file-sharing networks like Kazaa and Morpheus.

    Server computers seized in the raids contained hundreds of thousands of illegally copied works, the Justice Department said.

    Foreign searches were conducted in Great Britain, Germany, France, Israel, Singapore, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary and Sweden, the Justice Department said.
    Edited 'Source' for HT (LOL, never could spell some words)
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    yeah i saw that as i watched the number of ppl trying to hack into my system grow....not as much concern about that is there?
    everything you say to me takes me one step closer to the edge:

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    first criminalize it
    2nd kick their asses
    ...that's the way it works in germany

    ...but DrinkOrDie will be really really missed
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    Hey Hey,

    I've only got one comment about all of this, but before I get to it I'm going to nitpick. It's Source mox, not Sourse hehe... Anyways on to my coment.

    Server computers seized in the raids contained hundreds of thousands of illegally copied works, the Justice Department said.
    Hundreds of thousands of illegally copied works? I'm going to have to wonder. I could prolly name 300.. .at most even 500 pieces of software that you have to purchase. I know there are more..... but is it really up to the point that you'd find 100s of thousands. I suppose if you add mp3s, however. I know someone with 3000Mp3s and that's over 10gb... say you had 100 thousand mp3s (after all it says hundreds of thousands)... That's over 300GB. I know many people have that kind of space these days, but again, like I said.. it says 100s of thousands... I'd take that to mean at least 300,000 that's almost a terrabyte of m3ps. I don't think i could name 300,000 songs, I doubt with movies, mp3s and software... that I coudl come close to 300,000 titles, although I doubt I could do 100,000 titles.... why do I think that the Justice Department is upping that number by "hundreds of thousands" just to make it seem like it was a justified expense. Honestly if this was all software, then I have no problem. If it was movies, considering how over priced they are these days.. I have a bit of a problem... but if it's about music.... that's the biggest waste of resources ever.... I just hope software makes up a good portion of the files.... and all I can say is I'm glad I'm not American... I'd be raising a huge stink demanding they justify themselves spending the money to pull of the raids.


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    yes, HTRegz, you are right.
    i think they just added all D.o.D. releases, but if i'm right they did teir wolrk long toime before 2001
    and oinly did music, or whatever...
    so maybe they caTCHED only a distributing site.
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    I think that we probably have to divide by the number of servers as well? So if they seize 100 servers with 3000 items on each they have their 300,000.

    We would look on that as massive duplicate counting, but in the eyes of the law I suppose there are 100 (or whatever) criminals with 3000 offences each to be taken into consideration.

    I believe that is the way it works over here, each item is a separate offence?


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    The U.S. Customs Department has estimated that warez groups, consisting of tech-savvy hackers and industry insiders, are responsible for 95 percent of all pirated material available online.
    Were is the other 5% coming from?? Where do they get these BS figures

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    There are lies, dambed lies and statistics.. (was it Twain who said that)

    media organisations LUV Statistics..

    When it comes to statistics and media.. they will compare apples with oranges, and tel you from that information the crime rate is increasing..

    I just like my latest geek stat..

    there are 10 types of ppl in the world:
    Those who count in trinary
    those who don't
    and those who couldn't careless what tinary is.

    oh the other 5%.. well had they said that it was 1005 ppl would have assumed that the piaracy problem was solved..

    it is called the a$$ cover margin..

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    i don't know if they have increased their numbers to make it more interesting but i got some friends that enjoy spending their free time administrating some of these kinds of servers and they can range from 4 terrabyte an up so depending on how hardcore groups they got the numbers can be correct.

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    They were here in the netherlands too..

    Pictures speak louder than words..

    what about video ?? sorry about the format

    And I heard some rumours about the Fairlight group being among the taken..
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