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Thread: Favorite game.

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    T3h 1337 N00b kryptonic's Avatar
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    Sep 2003
    Seattle, Washington.

    Favorite game.

    Hey i was just wondering what your all favorite games are. They can be PC, PS2, Gamecube, XBOX...anything. So just like a game you play alot or is your favorite.

    I have more than one favorite game though....Half Life, Delta Force 2, and Unreal tournament

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    I currently play Counterstrike for our AO clan and I also play Morrowind. (All on the PC)
    N00b> STFU i r teh 1337 (english: You must be mistaken, good sir or madam. I believe myself to be quite a good player. On an unrelated matter, I also apparently enjoy math.)

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    On the PC: I play CounterStrike, StarCraft Broodwar, and Diablo.

    XBox: Halo, Need For Speed Underground.

    There's much more, but hey.. I'm lazy right now
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    Seattle, Washington.
    NFS Underground :-) I love that game

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    Well i personally love playing old RPG games.
    At the moment i'm playing Head Over Heels
    It was on the Commodore 64.
    But thanks to the dudes at RetroSpec they totally revamped it and now it's on PC.
    here's the link if anyones interested..

    Enjoy, and remember that it's ShareWare so you can download it do what ever you wanna with it.


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    Yes, I must play Counter Strike everyday of my "life."
    Note the quotes. Haha!

    Halo is a fun game, as well as Quake III.

    But, Pack Man beats them all.
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    Unreal TOurnament every edition rules !!!!!!

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    Grand Theft Auto 3 and upwards. I dunno... I've always found something in common deep inside myself or something just plain interesting about peaple like George Jung, Frank Abagnale Jr, Lucky Luciano, & (ect). What do these guys have in common? They commited vast ammounts of crime... well this game lets act out the life of any drug dealing, pimping, murdering, fruad that was ever out there. Im waiting to get the new GTA and Hitman games comeing out soon.

    And of course all of the half-life games are cool. Few can mix good storylines and gameplay and bring it to that great exstent which its at right now.

    I also like playing Diablo 2... its the only game involveing swords that I've seen that isn't as redundant as the rest of these lame role playing games.

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    Boston, MA
    I'm co-leading our AntiOnline counterstrike clan...gotta get a piece of that every day ...besides, pwning Jarrod is quite relaxing. Stop by guys, its a fun server, donations are greatly appreciated.

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    Just West of Beantown, though nobody from Beantown actually calls it "Beantown."
    I just picked up a PS2 (finally) a few months ago.

    Definitely GTA3.
    Also: Cabella's Big Game Hunter.
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