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Thread: Test your knowledge

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    Test your knowledge

    I figure I would post this site here (networking). I didn't post it in Programming Security, because Cisco was the first test I took. Go figure.

    Welcome to , the largest selection of FREE A+, Net+, I-net+, mcse, cisco online practice test for and much more. Look for some braindumps and study guides coming soon for A+, Net+, I-net+, mcse, cisco. If you have any requests or questions or comments then please feel free to e-mail me at . Thanks and enjoy the site.
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    Nice site. The questions aren't as poorly written as the real exams though. That could be a shortcoming of the site. hehehehe
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    this site gould really help me with my a+ studies

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    Great site dude, thanks a lot. This might be useful seeing as how I am currently in training for my A+ and CIW certifications
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    Great site. Some day I'll get off my ass long enough to take my MCSE exams....

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