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Thread: Do you hate Microsoft

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    Do you hate Microsoft

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Microsoft customers stick with Windows despite patchy performance and high maintenance costs, a Microsoft executive bluntly told Bill Gates (news - web sites), according to the European Union (news - web sites)'s final decision in its antitrust case.
    The executive's comment is part of a 302-page European Commission (news - web sites) document laying out its reasoning for fining the software giant 497 million euros ($589.9 million) and ordering it to sell a version of Windows, its computer operating system, without audiovisual software.
    Full article here:

    You may find this interesting.


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    If you hate it, do not use it.

    Simple. I use it and like it. On the other hand, SCO sucks balls.

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    Hmm looks like Microsoft is suffering in the Monopoly..
    About time they were brought back down to reality. Good on 'em, when this is over i hope that Microsoft smarten up there act, and actually develop something usefull.
    just my opinion anyhow..


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    I don't like Windows XP, but I am stuck with it whilst a lot of the applications I use (Paint Shop Pro, iTunes and all my games to name but a few) either don't exist on Linux or the alternatives are hard to use (yes I could use XMMS, but it sucks big time compared to iTunes, and as for the gimp...).
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    I don't hate Microsoft for being a monopolistic company squeezing their customers dry..

    I do hate Microsoft for opening the www for all the lame people that now make up 99% of the web community at large..

    Microsoft is mostly responsible for all the computer-illiterate users using computers and even thinking they are powerusers..
    If it wasn't for windows, there wouldn't be so many people online..
    On the other hand the sheer number of computer "consumers" made the prices of computers go down while their specs soar..
    But is it worth it.. I don't think so..

    The fact that computers gain more speed and memory causes sloppy programming..
    So realy sloppy programming causes sloppy programming.. (vicious circle)

    If you see what some people can do with a 64K 1.023 mhz computer (Commodore 64) if given enough time (fractals, 3d morphs etc..)
    You start to wonder what could have been written if PC's never got above 1Mb 12Mhz (my first PC)..

    Well that's about it for my lame rant atm..

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    Originally posted here by the_JinX pwaring: switch 2 mac [/B]
    If they weren't so damn expensive, used proprietory hardware and there were places where you could get them fixed without paying a ludicrous amount of money to an "Apple approved technician", I would consider it. I like the new 17" G5 powerbook but it's £750 more expensive in the UK than the US.
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    I like a lot of things Microsoft has created but I hate that they don't play well with others. .net, internet explorer, i could go on, but i'm going to go have fun instead
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