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Thread: Risk Assessment: are you anonymous?

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    Risk Assessment: are you anonymous?

    Now this is not to condone hacking in any way, as you will soon find out. This is meant to scare you. .

    This is for all you noobs and script kiddies out there.

    Now Iím not saying that I am an advanced hacker, in fact I donít even consider myself a hacker or let alone advanced. I have been in this world long enough to know that every action has a reaction. I also know that knowing to much or to little can get you into trouble.

    Welcome to the Internet: WORNING you are being logged.

    Are you Anonymous? Most noops or script kiddies will say hehehe Iím behind a proxy.
    Wrong answer. NO you are not anonymous the proxy may be masking you but who is masking you from the proxy? And guess what the sad thing is, if you are not behind a proxy you are at an even greater risk. Every were you go in the world of the underground Internet will be logged and tagged.

    This paper is about assessment of what will happen to you if you take the wrong step, or press a wrong button.

    Lest say youíre scanning the Internet for an open netbios (if you donít know what this is by now query it on AO) you then find a nice open computer. You think to yourself ok time to do my thing and show people that I am elite. You connect to it. You guess a password.

    Now what if that computer was one accidentally left open but was attached to a bank network (THIS MAY NEVER HAPPEN). Can you guess what the first thing you did wrong wasÖ?

    1. You scanned it: big deal (did you know that you could get arrested for that) LOGGED
    2. You found it: LOGGED
    3. You connected to it: this is a big NO. LOGGED AND TAGED
    4. You guessed a password: really big NO NO LOGGED AND TAGED WITH A RED STICKER

    This dos not only apply to netbios. This should be applied everywhere you go on the Internet. If you type guess what you most likely have been logged.

    Plz let me know what you think

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    So its tagged. Who can findout and how?

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    well if your a system admin and you check the logs and you see someone from zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz
    has been guessing passwords you your netbios account. depending on the servarity he will probibly trace you... find that you are eather behind a proxy or not and then eather report it to the fbi, police, whatever. or send a nice eamil to your ISP... they can and posibly will cancell your account

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    All you need to simplify looking at logs is a firewall. Any good firewall will have logs of who or what tried to connect to you. And you have to do (you being the owner of the firewall) is just click on a certain button to view the logs. actually I think your computer keeps logs even without a firewall.
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    Now think how fun it is to fall with your little NetBIOS scanner in a honeypot... red-handed, in one step!

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    Originally posted here by rwarren
    This is for all you noobs and script kiddies out there.
    Ummm yes... and how long have you been here? I myself have been lurking around here since the late 90s then I signed up around 2002. I got bored one day so I and JupM thought it'd be best to just start over. Things get boreing when you have 10 dots or so and peaple constantly expect things from you. So now im a noob oh & sometimes when I feel new to some codeing concept I will study from source code and various examples written by other peaple. Im guessing this makes me a skiddie... but anyways what you have said is always a good way to describe your viewers.

    Ummm... I myself as the script-kiddie that I am could just as easly setup my own proxie servers if I wanted. Few web servers & internet providers keep logs for very long anyways... not that the feds couldn't just come to your ISP and force someone to make the acception of watching over your online activities. Other than saying that there is no such thing as true privacy online I really don't get what this is supposed to teach us. Oh well atleast your link to yahoo was usefull.

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    well i have not been here long but i am not a bigginer if thats what your saying. i know just enough to not to even try hacking unless i am on my own network

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    rwarren, I think you may be confused as to what kind of forum you are in. Do me a favor, go to the main screen, log out and then reload the page. Tell me what is says under 'What AntiOnline is NOT'.

    This is for all you noobs and script kiddies out there
    Since when was being a hacker/cracker an inherent trait of a new member?

    rwarren, tutorials in general require time, effort, and research in order to be practical and applicable. Next time, I suggest taking a more in depth approach that at least makes it worth the time for people to read it. My apologies for being a ***** but, I can't possibly imagine on what planet that this could be considered a tutorial.
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    AntiOnline is a site for newbs and script kiddies, whether you people like it or not. It's easy for them to find and makes them think they're cool to be part of a community. And that tutorial was just long enough for their short attention span. As for TheSpecialist, who cares what your old account was, and why did you get APs for that post?
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    This is for all you noobs and script kiddies out there.
    This is everything a tutorial shouldnt be. I really think you should read Tiger Shark tutorial which can be found here at

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