I just pulled out a HDD from an ancient computer. Its around 10 Gigs big (Surprising for a 200mhz PC). I'm trying to back it up, so I can burn some of the content into a CD and hand it over to its owner. The PC that he was using didn't have any USB ports or any other means of backing stuff up, except the floppy. I've installed the HDD in my own PC, which it reads it, but when I double click to open the drive, it says thats its not formated. I'm using XP, the HDD is in FAT32. I tried accessing it through the command Prompt...still no luck. I cannot backup everything into my own HDD because its filled with viruses/spyware/trojans and I do not have 10 gigs free in my HDD to back it up to. I was wondering if there's any way I could access it and sort out the materials that I need to back up. If there's any freeware tools out there that will allow me to do that, that would be great. I cannot backup everything, I just need a way to get in, and delete some stuff before I can back it up.

Thank you in advance