well, the reason i'm here, is i have spent a week debugging/de-adwaring my system. i installed a firewall (which i thought i had), and increased my overall security of the system. now right now its a pain, because you have to address most cookies coming into sites ; but i've had so many bugs, and malicious ads, that until i learn more i feel its better to err on the caution side. so now i'm totally obsessed with all of this. and when i look at the results of my firewall, i am seeing attempts being made constantly on my system. one of the most common: Tampflc02_ub2.Tampabay.rr.com...anyone know of this site? who are they, they try constantly. now another one was osmosis AEEA....now i was able to do a search and find them, and i'm really not quite sure what they are doing...it almost looks like they are involved in is themselves, but i'm not sure and didn't go explore the sites. i am frustrated. my firewall is mcafee through aol (i'm also very poor), which gives me protection but doesn't allow me to report my events anywhere !!! i am logging them when i see them. so is there any place to report this type of thing? ok this question is probably not "in the right forum". man after reading faq, i am kind of scared to even stay here. but i do want to learn about my system and am concerned with the hacking and what will be done to stop it....need to take tutoials and learn more about windows.