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Thread: Can I build this?

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    Can I build this?

    Well, I want to connect a keyboard to my xbox. But, because I"m poor and curious, can I build this adapter so that I can connect a ps2 keybaord to a usb port?

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    In my opinion it most likely would cost more to build it yourself, that is if you dont have the proper equipment. But as for a guide to actually do it i havnt come across one. You may want to try some of the xbox hacking pages out there and maybe they have further infor. If you do find something on how to build this device please post cause i would be interested in seeing it.
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    I've searched everywhere and haven't found a guide. I believe thats because there is an actual circuit board involved rather than the crossing of a few colored wires. Thanks though for your consideration.

    If I'm wrong, and anyone has a method, please post it. That thing only costs 20 bucks in the store, I just figured I'd ask because I have lots of parts just laying in storage.

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    i know this is not the best advice, but my recomendation to you is to get an old keyboard strip the wiring. get a usb cord, strip the wiring and see if here is anything that looks compatible between the two..... i have never done this myself but i am really good when it comes to makeing things work.... you may be to do a little reading on making a basic curit board...

    let me know

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    I wouldn't try swapping the Keyboard wires with the USB adapter.
    I just tried it, and now i got a loungeroom that smells like something burning, plus the keyboard is smouldering on the front lawm.
    And now the damned XBox ain''t working.
    All well what do you expect, Microsoft just don't like making there products compatible with other software.


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    The bit of kit in the picture looks fairly complex? I have a pair of Razer Boomslang mice which are USB, but there is a small adapter comes with them that lets you connect one to a PS2 port.
    I know that is the other way round, but it shouldn't present any more of a difficulty to do it your way?

    The point I am making is that you might be able to get a somewhat simpler adapter a lot cheaper? Something more like a straight "gender bender" adapter?

    Just a thought

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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts, maybe I'll just be less cheap given the uncertainty and buy a USB Keyboard and mouse.

    Thanks again, however, if anyone tries this in the future, let us know how it works out.

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