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    I'm having problems with my motherBoard. I just got it yesterday and i put it in everything hokked up. When i turn it on it shows the MotherBoards Start up screen. But it stops there and says " CPU changed or Overclock failed. changed CMOS setting and don't forget to save."
    So i played araound with ther bios and saved. when i restarted it came up with the windows XP start up screen where it ask you how you want to start up. I select "Normaly" it starts up and i start to see the XP laoding screen and then it shuts down. Whats going on?

    The motherboard i bought is located here

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    did you change the mobo but keep the hd with XP previously installed? Cause in that case it's probably using drivers from the old board, and now they don't work so windows can't start. I'm not a hardware expert, so don't just go format and reinstall cause I said so. Also, you didn't really specify, so you could have been trying to install when this happened. In that case I also don't know what the problem is. This is probably a better topic for the hardware forum. Hope you get it all sorted out.

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    There is a couple of file in winxp that have a lot of troubles when the mobo is cahnged.. Product activation is one of these.. and as h3r3tic said your mobo drivers..

    If you can bring the machine up in safe mode then it should only be the drivers, and you can start the process there..
    otherwise you will need to do a "Warm" Install (or install over).. this will fix the XPee prob as well as the driver issue..

    Also it is normal for a new MoBo to need to be Configured after being installed.. I would say.. Priority 1 would be the level of importance..

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    another one changing the mobo and trying to use a hard drive with xp on it ?

    I just posted info in this thread about doing it.
    But for you, it might be too late.. you may just have to reinstall.

    but (with that first error) first thing one should do is reset the bios via the jumper on the mobo. looks like you got by that one already 'tho

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    it might be your hard drive i have the experience of yours last month.
    try to test your hard drive in anothr box (cpu) if the error still occurs try to repalce your HD..

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    There is a date at the top of a post................if it is flashing, it means that the post is old...........I guess that if you have not sorted out a MoBo problem in 6 months, you will have bought new kit huh?

    Please do NOT take this as a criticism, just a bit of advice.............hardware and software posts get out of date so quickly these days

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